Museums and Galleries

Considered the art capitol of Europe Italy has an extensive art heritage and there are many notable galleries and museums in the local area.

Accademia Gallery Thumbnail

Accademia Gallery

Museums and Galleries
The Gallery is particularly famous for its sculptures by Michelangelo: the Prisoners, the St.Matthew and, especially, the statue of David which was transferred here, to the specially designed tribune, from Piazza della Signoria in 1873.
Museo Casa Pascoli Thumbnail

Museo Casa Pascoli

Museums and Galleries
Set in the house Giovanni Pascoli shared with his sisters at the end of his life Pasture house Museum celebrates the life and work of this famous Italian Poet, 2012 being the centenary of his death there are numerouse special events and exhibitions related to his work.
Casa Cordati Thumbnail

Casa Cordati

Museums and Galleries
The impressive building set just inside the city gates was once the home and studio of the painter Bruno Cordati (1890-1979) and now houses an impressive collection of his work as well as hosting works by contemporary artist who find influence in his art. they also put on other events throughout the year such as music concerts.
Lu.C.C.A Lucca Centre for Contemporary Art Thumbnail

Lu.C.C.A Lucca Centre for Contemporary Art

Museums and Galleries
The Lucca Center of Contemporary Art is housed in the sixteenth century Palazzo Boccella a short walk from the main market square. The gallery comprises eight exhibition spaces on the first and second floors, a dedicated video art space on the lower ground floor. Exhibitions throughout the year by international artists.
Museo Della Cattedrale Thumbnail

Museo Della Cattedrale

Museums and Galleries
Housed in Buildings adjacent to the Cathedral in lucca The marriage of modern Gallery space with buildings dating back to the 12th century provides a highly sucessful museum where the history and artefacts associated with the cathedral are displayed. With fine art, furniture and jewellery
Museo dei Bozzetti Thumbnail

Museo dei Bozzetti

Museums and Galleries
Founded in 1984 the museo dei bozzetti was set up as a direct result of the significance of Pietrasanta as a centre for artists and particularly sculptors. With over 600 artworks on show this museum is a unique record of sculpture and its history in the area