Cycling in the Tuscan Hills

Hugely popular area for cycling in Tuscany, perfect place to base yourself for fantastic cycling holidays with many recognised routes on the doorstep with panoramic hill scenery and beautifully sedate river valley runs.

Cycling in Italy is a national pastime, you can often come across large groups of cyclists taking up the whole road in their full cycling gear, or be sitting in a local bar and be invaded by cyclists who have stopped for a quick espresso. put simply it is a serious sport with a huge following. 

The area around the house is a very popular route for the sport although it can involve some punishing hill climbs to attain the best views there are still plenty of less steep routes away from the main roads.

If you enjoy mountain biking access to the woods and hills in the area with its many white roads is a perfect place to enjoy the sport.

At the house we can offer great facilities for storage with acess to tools for maintenance and somewhere to carry out any repairs you may have to do, of course with the sport being so popular there are plenty of places to shop for parts and acessories for your bikes too!

More information coming soon!